Care for your watch without killing you.

Revive your acrylic watch crystal in the best possible experience—where care for your timepiece meets a commitment to you and our world we live in.

Passion for Time

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I'm Bas, and PlexiRevive's story is rooted in my passion, or some might say obsession, with vintage timepieces.

My collecting journey began in 2012 with a focus on Art Deco American classics by Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, and has since expanded to a diverse mix of brands and eras.

Discovering and sharing stories about these mechanical marvels are truly one of the most rewarding experiences. And I look forward to being a part of your horological journey as well!

Reviving of Time

While collecting vintage watches, I encountered instances where I scratched the acrylic through regular wear or stumbled upon exquisite timepieces tucked away in drawers, in need of a little attention.

Despite lacking any technical watch expertise myself. My desire to revive and the preference of preserving the original crystal rather than opting for a simple replacement, led me to a new quest.

The search for a product that could deliver optimal results in the shortest time possible. After experimenting with every compound possible and eventually formulating my own compound, PlexiRevive was born. A Dutch brand assembled in The Netherlands.

Our Mission

At PlexiRevive, our mission is to provide the best experience in reviving the acrylics of timepieces without killing you or the world in the process.

Our primary goal is to deliver a crystal-clear acrylic watch restoration swiftly and seamlessly, ensuring competitive pricing and utmost convenience.

Moreover, our products are thoughtfully designed to minimize environmental impact and reduce the impact on your health, featuring cleverly designed reusable packaging, free from silicone/toxins, and supporting short, eco-friendly supply chains.

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