PlexiRevive Collection

Care for your watch without killing you.

In 2019, we started making our own watch crystal polish to restore and maintain our precious timepieces. With the simple goal of a clear result in the smallest time possible.

From our experience with other solutions we discovered that hazardous materials like silicones and fillers weren’t a necessity to give the clear results we wanted.

While supplying friends and fellow collectors we reimaged the conscious and harmless method of storing our solution with a wink to the past.

And now we want you to experience the new way of removing scuffs and scratches from your valuable possession.

About us
Indus vintage watch before and after PlexiRevive

Discover the quickest way yet.

The fastest cut without compromising the clarity of the acrylic crystal. Polish light scuffs in 1 to 3 minutes for deep cuts.

  • More Conscious

    Recyclable aluminium or re-usable packaging for spare watch parts.

  • No Hazardous Solvents

    Without the use of nasty fillers and silicone which may result in health risks.

  • Emissions Free

    No harmful vapors are released in the atmosphere when using PlexiRevive.

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Rolex polished by PlexiRevive

Don’t compromise on clarity.

A clear look without micro scratches.


— Watch Crystal Polishing 101