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PlexiRevive Essentials Pack

PlexiRevive Essentials Pack

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The one and only PlexiRevive Essentials Pack to get started immediately with reviving those acrylic watch crystals (plexiglas)!

So straight out of the box you'll get the PlexiPlush Microfiber, for the best result you need a microfiber with long enough hairs for an optimal surface polish but not too long to soak all the PlexiRevive in.

Including the free FREE Work Mat: To contribute to producing the least amount of waste we made the packaging label of felt fibers to use as a working mat while reviving your timepiece. 

A set of PlexiPads, 3cm adhesive pads with special micron elements to sand off those nasty scratches as a first stage.

Including the FREE Pad Buddy! Every set off PlexiPads comes with a Pad Buddy to stick your pad on and keep control of the movement.

And to finish it all off PlexiRevive - The Acrylic Watch Crystal Scratch Remover - 15 GRAM.


Product summary:

  • PlexiPlush Microfibre + Free Work Mat
  • PlexiPads and Pad Buddy
  • PlexiRevive - The Acrylic Watch Crystal Scratch Remover - 15 GRAM

Shipping & Returns

Shipping World Wide with letter or priority postage from The Netherlands (EU).

Orders before 04:00 (GMT+2) shipped the same day.

Inquire for 20+ product orders World Wide.

PlexiRevive is not responsible for any additional custom duties and taxes.

Care Instructions

To continue using PlexiRevive it is advised to screw the lid tight and as much as possible.

Shake before use.

Dried out? Just use a drop of water.

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